Do Hardwood Floors Darken Over Time? Here’s What To Know

Do Hardwood Floors Darken Over Time? Here’s What To Know

Hardwood flooring is an expensive investment; you must consider the Janka Hardness Scale, wood quality, installation process, and aftercare. It’s also important to decide if you’ll do it yourself or hire an installation crew. Whatever you decide, the end result will be worthwhile.

After several years, hardwood floors can accumulate dents, dirt, and grime. Here’s a frequently asked question: Do hardwood floors darken over time? Let’s look at darkening may occur and what you can do to slow this process.

Do Hardwood Floors Darken?

In short, yes, hardwood floors do darken over time. This process is inevitable, but thankfully there are steps to take to slow it down. You may have already noticed the different shades of your floors when moving furniture or area rugs. In most cases, sunlight is the reason behind it all.

Why Does It Darken?

Depending on the hardwood floor species, the degree of darkening varies. A contributing factor to the darkening of your hardwood is direct and indirect sunlight. Light can enter your home in three forms: visible, infrared, and ultraviolet light.

Because wood is photosensitive, the three types of light react with the hardwood finish and cause the flooring to change. For example, Tigerwood reacts to direct sunlight by warping and changing color. These factors are important to know before purchasing hardwood flooring so that frequent re-installations won’t be necessary.

Precautions To Take

There are a few ways to protect your hardwood flooring from darkening. One way is to cover floor areas with rugs or furniture, as it won’t be in direct sunlight. Additionally, you can add finishes with UV inhibitors, which slow down the darkening process.

Another way to protect hardwood flooring is to block sunlight with window films, curtains, or blinds. While these solutions are partial, they can still slow the darkening process.

Final Thoughts

Although darkening will occur with hardwood flooring, taking preventative measures will lengthen your floors’ lifespan. Choose an appropriate hardwood species that enhances your home’s charm.

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