About Us - Why We're Different

Our Model


Hardwoods4Less is uniquely situated to provide you with an outstanding selection of prefinished hardwood flooring at prices other distributors simply cannot match. This is possible by virtue of our knowledge of the industry and our many connections within the milling and prefinishing supply chain.
Much like farming has become "agri-business," the mills of today have changed drastically over the years. Changes in transportation, technology, and how people research and choose their hardwood flooring, have altered the landscape greatly. Gone are the days of the local mill running locally-grown product to serve the local market. Besides more choice for the consumer, this means more competition for the mills and much larger competitors.
Many of the mills we partner with are still small or family-owned businesses; the same businesses that are the heart of our economy and the first to suffer or get squeezed by big-box stores and huge internet retailers.
Along the way, we've heard a lot of great stories and learned about the character and history of many of these mills and the people behind them.

We are wood guys, and we have the knowledge and relationships to back it up. We do mill visits on a regular basis to meet the people who mill your new floor, and both we and our suppliers take pride in our work.