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FAQ Section  -

Q Is it okay to install prefinish hardwoods in my kitchen?

A  Simple answer is yes.   With proper care and maintenance your hard wood floors will be a great addition to your kitchen.  

Q Should I use a bucket and mop to clean my hardwood floors?

A  NO…..The best way to care for your hardwood floors is with approved cleaning solution and a damp mop.   Excess water or moisture can cause warping and buckling.   

Q  How much flooring will I need to complete my job?  

A  The flooring industry allows for up to 5% for defective boards.   After measuring the sq/ft require add 5%.   It is always a good practice to keep some extra flooring in case of a repair issue in the future.  

Q How durable is prefinish hardwood flooring?
A Very durable, your flooring comes with a 25 year residential warranty.   However, prefinish flooring is a natural product and can dent or scratch. Typically it is 5 times more durable then site finished floors.    High heel shoes can be damaging to certain species of wood.  

Q  How soon after the delivery of flooring can I start to install the product?
A  Your flooring needs to acclimate over a period of time.   It is best to have to the flooring inside your home with normal heat and humid conditions for 3-5 days before installing.   This will ensure that the floor has ample time to acclimate to your home’s environment.  

Q How much color variation can I expect in my flooring?  
A Wood is natural so there will be color variation in the flooring.   Typically the lower the grade of wood will have more color variation.   Some species like Cypress by the nature of the product has a lot of color variation

Q Will my hardwood flooring change color or fade.  

All hardwood flooring is prone to color change or fading.   Certain species like Brazilian Cherry can actually get darker and richer with time.   If you have area rugs it is a good practice to move them  from time to time to allow the floor to “even out” with UV exposure.  

Q What exactly is Aluminum Oxide and what does it do?
A  Aluminum Oxide is microscopic crystals added to the top coat for durability and wear protection.