• Prefinish Hardwood Flooring Layers Diagram

    See The Difference in Our Prefinished Hardwood Flooring Process

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  • The Prefinish Process - Watch the Video

    Prefinished Hardwood Flooring - How is it done anyway?

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  • Avoid a Flooring Nightmare: How to Acclimate Hardwood Flooring

    You’re excited.

    The hardwood flooring you’ve been waiting for anxiously has finally arrived!

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  • Advantages of Purchasing Hardwood Flooring Online

    Purchasing your hardwood flooring online provides several distinct advantages over buying from traditional retail stores..

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  • Average Length of Hardwood Flooring

    Standard - Most flooring is sold in lengths of 1' to 7' with an average of 3'. What does this mean? The box...

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  • Benefits of Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

    The Hardwoods4less finishing process is an industry standard for prefinished...

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  • Why Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring Changes Color Over Time...

    Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring is a popular choice for homeowners who desire a luxurious, high-quality flooring option. While Brazilian cherry

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  • Cleaning your floors

    Best starter kit plus cost savings tip.You can drill a small hole towards the top of the cartridge, fill the solution with a funnel and use a small cork to fill the hole. I have done this

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  • Engineered Hardwood Flooring

    Hardwoods warm up a space, give it character, style, and charm. They’re also a costly investment. Deciding on the type of hardwood flooring product to install in a property is a...

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  • Deciding If Installing Your Own Hardwood Floors Is Right For You?

    Deciding If Installing Your Own Hardwood Floors Is Right For You

    Installing your own hardwood flooring may sometimes seem like a formidable task...

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  • Gloss Levels - Hardwood Flooring

    The Benefits of Low-Gloss or Matte Hardwood Flooring & Its Growing Popularity

    Some years ago, the big trend in hardwood flooring was high gloss.

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  • Grading Scale

    Superior grade for imports or exotics, like Brazilian Cherry is uniform in appearance with natural color variations according to species...

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  • Graph of The Janka Hardness Scale

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  • Hardwood Flooring - Good Return on Investment

    Do you want to increase the value of your home?

    Whether you plan to stay put for the long haul, or pack up and move in a few years, upping the worth of your space is beneficial...

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  • Key hardwood flooring terms

    Width- This refers to the width of the face of the board (side to side).  Typical widths range from 2 1/4" to 8".   The most common widths are 3 1/4" and 5"

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  • Typical Labor Costs for Hardwood Flooring Installation

    Hardwood flooring comes in many different forms, styles and required installation methods. So, the installation costs ..

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  • Installer - Meet the expert

    Mike  has been installing hardwood flooring for 15 years.  Over the years, Mike has mastered the art of hardwood flooring installation and has become 

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  • How to measure your room

    How to measure a room for hardwood flooring.  

    Tip:   Take your time and take the measurements by yourself in a quiet environment.    Most mistakes are made between two people relaying...  

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  • Micro-Beveled Hardwood Flooring

    Bevels of Today Are Far Better Than Before

    Shopping for hardwood flooring is a lot like shopping for shoes -- there are so many options to choose from!

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  • NOFMA Certification

    NOFMA Grading Rules 

    What does NOFMA stand for?

    NOFMA stands for National Oak Flooring Manufacturer’s Association, but the NOFMA

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  • Installation Guidelines

    Clickherefor the NWFA Installation Instructions

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  • Purchasing Discount Hardwood Floors

    Things To Look For When Purchasing Discounted Hardwood Flooring

         Purchasing discount hardwood flooring is a great way t

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  • Rustic Grade Flooring Explained

    What are the benefits of using rustic (utility / cabin / builder) grade hardwood flooring?

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  • Shipping - How It Works

    Shipping Hardwood Floors...So what to expect next?

    Your hardwood flooring is shipping LTL or Less Than Truckload...

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  • Solid Versus Engineered and Wear Layers

    You’ve got the species and color picked out, so what’s the difference between solid and engineered flooring...

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  • The Green and Sustainable Flooring Choice

    By: Daniel Perkins, Ph.D.

    If trees are cut down to make hardwood floors, how is that “green”?  ... 

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  • 5 Things To Do Before You Start Shopping for Hardwood Flooring

    One of the keys to completing any successful home improvement project on time and according to budget is ...

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  • Top 6 Factors in Choosing Hardwood Flooring

    So you know you want the warmth and beauty of hardwood flooring in your home. You’re just not sure which one you should purchase for...

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  • Why Scratch Tests with Keys Are Imperfect

    We frequently encounter customers who insist on performing their own "scratch test" to determine the durability of a product...

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  • Width Variations - Wide Plank Hardwoods

    You’ve finally decided on the type of prefinished hardwood flooring you’d like installed in your home or other property...

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