Purchasing Discount Hardwood Floors

Things To Look For When PDiscount urchasing Discounted Hardwood Flooring

     Purchasing discount hardwood flooring is a great way to obtain a top quality wood flooring product while saving a considerable amount.  However, it is important to note that not all discount hardwood suppliers are the same and doing the proper research when choosing your supplier will help ensure you get the highest quality wood flooring product available for your money.   There are a few key factors to consider when you are choosing your hardwood flooring supplier.

      One of the aspects to take into account when choosing a discount hardwood flooring provider is to determine if they are predominantly selling short planks known as “shorts”.  The average length of most hardwoods range from 1-7ft, with 3ft being the average length of most boards.  Many discount hardwood suppliers will include an excessive amount of shorts which can create too many breaks in the flow of your hardwoods, and will often result in the floor giving a chopped up appearance.  Each individual hardwood plank can possess darker and lighter tones and too many abrupt changes in those tones can diminish the overall appearance of your floor.  Always inquire into the lengths of the boards included when choosing a discount hardwood flooring supplier.

     Bad milling is another important factor to look for when purchasing discounted hardwood flooring.  Over wood, missing bevels and low spots are all characteristics of bad milling and can be the reason the wood flooring has been discounted.  Over wood is a result of varying thicknesses of the planks, and after installation they can create raised edges that are unsightly at best but they can also splinter and become “sock catchers”.  Furthermore, prefinished wood flooring planks typically have beveled edges and missing bevels can be a sign of bad milling.  Another sign of deficiencies in the milling process of the hardwoods are low spots.  Low spots on the surface of the boards, which result from the boards not being equally flat, are another characteristic of improper milling in hardwood flooring and can affect the appearance of your hardwood floors. 

     Choosing the right discount hardwood floor supplier can save you time, money and frustration.  The overall appearance and quality of your wood floors can be significantly impacted by milling deficiencies in the product.  Be sure to adequately research the supplier and the product they provide, and inquire into why is a particular product a close out or on clearance.  Also, check to see if there is a return policy on the wood flooring in case you receive a product you are not satisfied with.  Ensuring that you are purchasing a high quality wood flooring product is the first step towards obtaining a beautiful hardwood floor, and doing the proper research into the quality of wood flooring product you are purchasing can make a substantial difference in the resulting appearance of your hardwood floors.