How to measure your room

How to measure a room for hardwood flooring.  

Tip:   Take your time and take the measurements by yourself in a quiet environment.    Most mistakes are made between two people relaying measurements to each other.   

Hardwood flooring is sold by the sq/ft so take the length of the room times the width and you will have the square feet of your room.  
Simple Examples (recommended)

Room dimension are

12 feet by 8 feet, would be 96 sq ft  (12x8=96)

11 feet 4 inches by 12 feet 6 inches round both numbers to the next foot.  In this example 12 feet x 13 feet would equal 156 sq/ft.  (12x13=156)

Industry standard suggest adding 5% to 10% waste and cut out factor.    Take the number of sq / ft times 1.05 for 5% and 1.10 for 10%.   

Tip:  Extra flooring after the job is complete can be a life saver!  Take the extra flooring and store it for any repairs, such as water damage and you will ensure you have both a color and product match.