Benefits of Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

What Every Homeowner Ought to Know About

the Hardwoods4less Finishing Process



- 50-Year Transferrable Warranty -

- Prefinished in the U.S. -

- Enhanced Coating Technology with Zero VOCs -


The Hardwoods4less finishing process is an industry standard for prefinished hardwood flooring. The benefits are numerous:


Enhanced Durability


State-of-the art European coating technology, TREFFERT Sapphire ™, boosts the natural durability of each floorboard. Applied in the U.S., this stringent, 8-step prefinishing process creates a highly scratch-resistant product, capable of withstanding high-traffic use as well as it holds up against everyday wear and tear.


The clear top layer provides added protection and allows the hardwoods’ beauty to shine through. Free of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the Collection is a healthy update to your home. Because it doesn’t impair air quality, it’s a safe option for children, adults, and pets alike.



Best Price for Top Quality


Products from the Collection cost significantly less than what’s offered at big-box or local flooring stores. We cut the middleman out and buy directly from the mill, giving you fabulous flooring for an amazing deal. You’ll feel lucky to have purchased top-notch flooring at such an affordable rate.

A 50-Year Transferrable Warranty


We’re so confident in our Collection that we offer a 50-year transferable warranty. Have the peace of mind that your investment will stand the test of time, for you and any future buyers of your home.