Things To Consider When Using Samples To Pick Your Flooring

Things To Consider When Using Samples To Pick Your Flooring

Using small sample patches to visualize a new floor for a room is one of the best ways to feel more confident in your decision. However, it can be difficult to visualize exactly how the flooring option will look when it extends across the whole room. Flooring choices are a big deal, and it’s not a good idea to be rash with them if you want to avoid regret later on. Here are a few things to consider when using samples to pick your flooring that should keep you on track.

Your Room’s Overall Aesthetic

Looking at a sample of flooring is all well and good, and so is visualizing the end result. However, you should also consider whether the sample matches the rest of the décor in the room you’re redoing. One type of flooring might catch your eye, but it might clash terribly with the furniture you plan to put in that room. Remember to consider the room as a cohesive whole and think about how the new flooring can add to the overall atmosphere.

How Light Affects the Material

Lighting plays a massive part in how your home looks and feels. Looking at a flooring sample in a brightly lit hardware store might be okay, but your room’s lighting won’t be the same as the store’s. So use your sample to see how the floor will look at different points throughout the day. Doing this can give you a better idea of how much you actually like its look.

Will Your Opinion Change Over Time?

Another thing to consider when using samples to pick your flooring is how long you can stand to look at a sample before getting tired of it. It might look great at first, but your enthusiasm could wane over time. Keep your samples around for a decent amount of time before making your final decision. You want to choose one that you won’t get sick of seeing very quickly.

The Importance of Narrowing Down Choices

If you want to buy solid hardwood flooring, you have lots of options on your hands. One of the key things to remember is that no one does well when presented with infinite choices. You can’t expect to decide when looking at a dozen nearly identical shades of brown wood. Limit yourself to a few highly varied choices. This way, you won’t become overwhelmed because you won’t have to compare the minute details of one option to the other.

Hardwoods4Less wants to make the decision process easy on you. By implementing these tips, you can use flooring samples to perfect the room you plan on finishing and know you’ll be happy with the results.

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