Shipping - How It Works

Shipping Hardwood Floors...So what to expect next?

Box Size

Your hardwood flooring is shipping LTL or Less Than Truckload. The day after they pick UP your flooring, you will receive an email with the PRO number, think of it as a tracking number. Included in this email you will have the phone number of the local terminal in your area.  Feel free to call them to coordinate or schedule your shipment. Hint: they will not be able to help you until you have a PRO number. The email will look something like this.


Destination service center
Phone:(000) 000.0000
Pro #: 208979831
Estimated delivery: Future


Top 3 Things To Do


    1. Call the destination service center with your PRO number to schedule your delivery time, which is typically a 2-4 hour window.


    1. Be ready for the shipment with helper(s). Flooring is packaged in boxes and you are required to unload the truck. If you have paid for lift gate service (additional $100-$150) then the driver will unload the hardwood flooring to the street, which must be fairly level, not a steep grade.  The driver is not responsible to move boxes past that point, and the truck is not allowed off the street.  Each box weighs between 50-60 pounds. If you ask the driver to help additional fees will be added by the freight company and YOU will be responsible to pay for it.  Do not hold up the driver,just unload the truck, let the truck go, then move your hardwoods into the house or jobsite.


    1. The Delivery Receipt (DR) is part of our contract with the freight company.  Be sure to note the number of boxes that arrive on the DR.  If there is any damage to the boxes, just write "Damaged" on the DR BEFORE you sign it and release the driver.  If you notice damage while still on the truck, be sure to take pictures before unloading.  If damaged after unloading please take pictures then as well. 


    1.  DO NOT reject the shipment due to damage. Accept the shipment, make notes on the DR and call us, we will handle it from there.   

That's about it. It goes pretty smooth.

Don't forget to take before and after pictures.

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