Collection: Builder Grade Prefinished Solid & Engineered

Builder Grade material is a fantastic option to save some money on new prefinished solid and engineered flooring. We may have other options for colors and widths not listed below, so feel free to call us to score a great deal, 888-705-7555.


Builder Grade is first come first serve and subject to availability, so please call us to check stock on the product you want.


What is Builder Grade?


Builder Grade material is destined for an A-quality box, but is downgraded at the finish line for its minor finish imperfections. Picture a tiny glob of finish on a piece of flooring -- once you lay down that floor and are standing 5' or 6' in the air you will never notice any issues. We call it Builder Grade because Builders all over the US use this grade to save some money and because homeowners will never notice any issues with the flooring after install.

All of the lumber itself is the same quality as the A-quality material prior to finishing. 

The material was then downgraded at the finish line for a reason a Grader saw. Typically, it is open grain, heavier mineral/color variation, shorter length, damaged corner, edge or end finish issue that does not affect performance.

If you have to have a perfect floor, Builder Grade might not be for you, and we happily sell plenty of A quality material for your project. But if you're looking for a great deal, Builder Grade is an excellent way to go.