Collection: Hickory Hardwood Flooring

Sitting high on the Janka hardness scale with a score of 1850, Hickory hardwoods are very strong and durable. Because of their strength, these hardwoods can withstand the wear and tear of day-to-day living in your household. Hickory is a suitable flooring for your home if children and large animals are frequenters of the space. The hardwood can withstand the brunt of dropped toys and the scraping of pawed feet.

Hickory is also suitable as a backdrop for a range of design styles. It comes in a host of tones and grades. Colors range from a light beige or yellow, to a reddish or rich dark-brown. With a straight or wavy grain, natural imperfections like knots are also present in various Hickory flooring grades, some more or less than others, which presents either a polished or a rustic look.

With such variety, Hickory hardwood flooring can meet the needs of a multitude of design styles for your home. Whether the style is rustic, modern or eclectic, Hickory can make a powerful impact.

Considering its strength and hardiness, it's warmth, natural flaws -- and its test through time -- Hickory hardwood flooring may be the perfect option for you.