Collection: Maple Hardwood Flooring

Maple is a popular hardwood for various reasons. In homes that are quite lively, with a great amount of traffic, Maple hardwood flooring is a solid option. Why? Well, with a Janka Hardness Scale score of 1450, Maple can take on the stresses of everyday living -- the light and heavy steps taken across the home, the baby toys dropped here and there, the doggy paws pacing to and fro. If it can withstand the pounding and force of athletes, the same is true for children and pets. Maple hardwood flooring can also serve as a beautiful backdrop in your home, with its range of warm tones, from light beige or cream to a reddish brown, and its simple grain. It complements any design style -- from rustic or modern, to eclectic. Maple is also simple to care for. It's easy to clean and maintain, doesn't require much other than a broom and/or vacuum to remove dirt, dust and debris, and a mop.