Collection: Tigerwood Hardwood Flooring

Another name for Brazilian Tigerwood is Koa. This name is quite fitting considering the range of colors this wood species exhibits, from light tans to orange hues, and deep reddish browns. Then there's the dark striping found throughout. The combination of color and contrasting stripes resembles the skin of a tiger. This is a very distinctive characteristic of the hardwood. The color of the flooring naturally darkens with time, adding to its depth, warmth, and charm.

Brazilian Tigerwood (Koa) flooring is also a dense wood, capable of taking the pounding of day-to-day living. In comparison to the industry standard for durability Brazilian Tigerwood (Koa) scales the charts with a score of 2160 (Red Oak = 1290). It's a strong and steady wood, highly resistant to indentations from dropped toys of children and the nails of pets. Like other hardwoods, it’s also easy to clean. Use a cloth mop or vacuum to pick up dirt and debris. Use a damp mop to clean up grime.