Custom Hardwood Flooring

Uniquely Custom Hardwood Flooring


Looking for a truly one of a kind custom hardwood floor?

Wide plank hardwood flooring, no problem.  It is only the beginning or our capabilities!



Finishing Line


With our finish line capabilities we can produce virtually any custom hardwood flooring you might dream up.   From simply matching cabinets to 12 inch wide planks that are  16 feet long and wire brushed.   From domestic species like Ash to exotics wanders like zebrawood we have the bases covered.   

Lets look at some of the components to consider when specifying  a truly unique custom hardwood flooring project.

Hardwood Flooring Species -  

Starting with Domestics like Ash, American Cherry, Birch, Beech, Red Oak, White Oak, Hickory, American Walnut, Maple, Yellow Pine, Heart Pine, Eastern White Pine to name a few.   Exotic hardwood flooring includes species like Patagonian Rosewood, Brazilian Walnut, Brazilian Ebony, Red Cumaru (Teak), Cumaru (Teak), Brazilian Pecan, Brazilian Chestnut, Bolivian Rosewood, Bloodwood, Brazilian Redwwood, Bamboo, Brazilian Cherry, Golden Teak, Acacia (short and long leaf), Santos Mahogany, Brazilian Koa, Australian Cypress, Hevea and many more.   

Choose the species of wood for custom hardwood flooring is critical for base wood color and the janka hardness of the wood itself.  

Other factors to consider for your custom hardwood flooring include: 

Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring -  

Wide plank hardwood flooring is certainly trending upward.    From 5" wide to 12" wide is available.    Wider than 6" will be engineered for stability.   When considering wide plank hardwood flooring consider the room size.  If the room size is smaller a 12" wide board might seem out of place. 

Wide Plank Custom Flooring


Hardwood Flooring Cuts -

Looking for that 3D reflective qualtiy from your hardwoods?  Consider a rift and quartered cut.   Like the European White Oak slow growth grain pattern, consider a "live sawn" cut.     

 Rift and Quartered Hardwood Flooring

Wood is a natural product and does shrink or swell depending on moisture levels and environmental conditions.   The different cuts of wood will expand and contract differently.  

For example Plain Sawn hardwood flooring typically expands vertically where Rift and Quartered will expand horizontally,  


Stain Colors -  

From Natural to Red and eveything in between.    The rainbow is the limit.  capabilities of one pass or multiple to obtain that certain look you required.  

Sample of Custom Colors

 Two and three passes down the finish line can really give a distinctive look.   

Custom Finish Hardwood Flooring 2 Pass   Hardwood Flooring Custom Colors

Custom Hardwood Floors - "An Educated Consumer IS Our Best Customer"

 Hardwood Flooring Surface Treatment -  

Hardwood Flooring is no longer one deminional.   Some of our hardwood flooring surface treatments include:

  • Handscrapping 
  • Wire Brushing 
  • Distressing 
  • Worm Holes 
  • Skip Sawn 
  • Grain Patterns 
  • Reclaimed Alternatives


 Custom Floors Deserve The Best Prefinish.   

If you have invested thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in you custom floor, then be sure you have the best finish possible to protect your investment.   

Take a look below to see how we test our finish for Taber Abrasion.   


Intercoat adhesion-  What is that anyway?

If not propertly prefinished your top coat can peal away in long sheets.    We test product we finish with intercoat adhesion ASTM test method to ensure proper intercoat adhesion. 

Avoid a flooring nightmare.    

Finish Failure